• 8 Kun Stickers


    Comes in 2 sizes:

    2" x 2.5" 

    4 " x 5.5" 


    Perfect for Laptop, Phone, Car, ATV, Water Bottles, ect. 


    Each sticker is protected by a laminate to prevent rips or scratches.


    Clean area before applying


    All 8Kun T-Shirt orders come with 1 free sticker. 

    • Shipping Policy

      US and International Shipping

      By Order Price:

      $0-$10 : $1.99

      $10-$25: $3.99 

      $25-$50: $4.99

      $50-$75: $5.99

      $75+: $6.99

      Handling: 4-7 business days 

      Delivery: USPS 2-5 days (US)

      International: USPS Calculated Rate

    • Return Policy

      No returns on stickers. However if there is a problem with your order please reach out!

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