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Introducing our stunning Multi-Layered Fox Art - a meticulously hand-painted piece that truly captures the beauty of nature. This exquisite artwork features a captivating scene of a fox in the woods, with multiple layers that add depth and dimension to the piece. Each layer is carefully crafted to bring the woodland scene to life, making it the perfect focal point for any room. The intricate details and vibrant colors make this artwork a beautiful addition to any art collection, and a must-have for any nature lover. Bring the enchanting beauty of the outdoors into your home with our Multi-Layered Fox Art.


Dimensions: 9.25"H x 9.25"W x 3/4"D


Made in the USA


Each Piece is Made to Order


Please refer to image for size chart and detailed product description.


Multi Layered Fox Art

Excluding Sales Tax

Each item is made to order. In times of increased work load orders may take longer than average.

US and International Shipping

Shipping Cost based on total price of customers order

$0-$10: $1.99

$10-$25: $3.99

$25-$50: $4.99

$50-$75: $5.99

Free Shipping on orders over $75

Handling Time: 2-7 business days 

Delivery Time: USPS 2-5 days (US)

International Rate: Flat rate $30

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