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Introducing the stunning Multi Layered Saluting Soldier Art, a hand-painted masterpiece that will bring a touch of patriotism and pride to any space. This unique piece of art features multiple layers that create a 3D effect, adding depth and dimension to the captivating image of a saluting soldier. The intricate and precise detailing of the mountain scene in the background further enhances the visual impact, depicting victorious soldiers celebrating their triumph. Crafted in the shape of a saluting soldier, this art piece is a powerful symbol of honor, sacrifice, and bravery. Perfect for military enthusiasts or anyone who appreciates the beauty of handcrafted, multi-layered art, this piece will be a conversation starter in any room.


Dimensions: 10.25"H x 9.25"W x 3/4"D


Made in the USA


Each Piece is Made to Order


Multi Layered Saluting Soldier Art

Excluding Sales Tax

Each item is made to order. In times of increased work load orders may take longer than average.

US and International Shipping

Shipping Cost based on total price of customers order

$0-$10: $1.99

$10-$25: $3.99

$25-$50: $4.99

$50-$75: $5.99

Free Shipping on orders over $75

Handling Time: 2-7 business days 

Delivery Time: USPS 2-5 days (US)

International Rate: Flat rate $30

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