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Over 1200 Americans have been arrested for using their Constitutional First Amendment right to peacefully protest an election they believed to be stolen. The arrests continue today.
Despite persecution and prosecution by their own country, the political prisoners who remain incarcerated sing the national anthem nightly at 9pm EST from their cells. The #sing4freedom campaign was started as a peaceful protest in June 2021 by fellow J6 defendant, Pi Anon, to bring awareness to their plight. We sing with them nightly and post videos across social media tagged with #sing4freedom. Please join us in spreading awareness by singing and grabbing some #sing4freedom merch!


Made and Printed in the USA


Each Shirt is Made to order


Please refer to image for size chart and detailed product description.


Pi Anon - Sing4Freedom 1

Excluding Sales Tax

Each item is made to order. In times of increased work load orders may take longer than average.

US and International Shipping

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Handling Time: 2-7 business days 

Delivery Time: USPS 2-5 days (US)

International Rate: Flat rate $30

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